WorldWide Ventures was created out of a need in the Canadian market for better quality consumer products. Our name reflects our nearly 40 year history in the global market, and our desire to continually expand business operations provides us with the opportunity to act as an importer and distributor of unique, quality items for personal use and gift-giving. From England’s legendary Corby Pant Press to the Harsun line of fine leather goods, all of the products we feature are the highest quality in their category and for most, we are the exclusive Canadian distributor.

Our philosophy is simple: we do business with people, not companies. And so, in developing our national distribution channels, we are very selective as to which retail stores become our trading partners. We support our dealers and strive to ensure that the consumer’s experience of buying one of our quality products is a satisfying one.

We hope you find the information provided on this site instructive and helpful in making an informed buying decision. We will endeavor to supplement our site with the most up-to-date information on our product lines as it becomes available.

Dealer Information

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